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SERENDIPITY – Glass and Pictures by Ursula Huth, 2017

One woman exhibition concept by STADT LEONBERG, Ursula Huth “Glass and Pictures” at GALERIEVEREIN LEONBERG E.V. from 2. july to 13. august 2017.


Opening: Sunday, 2. july, 11:15 am
Zwerchstr. 27, D – 71229 Leonberg
Opening hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday 2.00 to 6.00 pm

The artist Ursula Huth (b. 1952), who lives and works in Tübingen, studied painting and glass design at the Academy of Art in Stuttgart and at the Rhode Island School of Design in Providence/USA from 1972‒1982. Since her first major solo exhibition in 1991 in the Museum of Art in Düsseldorf she has not restricted her work to glass, but incorporates painting and drawing as well as metal casting into her creative work. In this exhibition she turns her attention to serendipitous topics, thoughts and ideas – subjects she was not originally seeking but which she came across by chance and which proved to be new, surprising and fruitful discoveries. In “Boxes of Memory” she traces each individual year of her life to create an exuberant installation of different glass caskets which opens up a new dimension in her creative work. In addition to glass pictures, glass sculptures and her painted “sea charts” a series of “magic boxes” will be on view for the first time, in which flat glasswork sheets are linked together to form spacious chests.


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