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Ursula Huth Exhibition at gallery “Künstlerbund Tübingen”, 2014

“I need not worry about the shipwreck that is this world , I care about nothing other than my blessed island…” (F. Hölderlin)

From 13th of September until 11th of October Ursula Huth shows glass panels and glass objects at the gallery of the Künstlerbund Tübingen.

The opening will be on 13th of September at 11 am. The artist will be present and everybody who is interested is welcome.

Ursula Huth shows her latest works, a result of researching new ways in creating with glass during many years. She doesn’t use any paint on glass but in a long working process she is able to “draw and paint” in reducing  the different coloured layers of blown, flashed sheet glass.
Proceeding this way her pictural language doesn’t  loose freshness but leads the imagination of the viewer to her magical original world.
Corresponding to the Künstlerbund 2014 motto: “ Art and Literature”, Ursula Huth will also show glass panels fitted to the gallery window front ,which are inspired by poetry for ex. of Friedrich Hölderlin, and literature from Persia and Japan.
Her objects and sculptures take rise from Pate de Verre procedure including traces of painting.

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Metzgergasse 3
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